People!  You can expect to find people.  People who are searching, people who are struggling, people who are celebrating, people who are praising, people who are in every stage of life.

The Church is made up of people.  At Trail Alliance Church you will find people from every age group, from new born to senior citizen and everyone in between.  We have a range of programs that will help to meet you where you are at.

When we come together, the people of God gathered on Sunday mornings, you will find people who have come together to celebrate the goodness of God, be instructed in the Kingdom of God, and find community together with the people of God.

The focus of our worship is Jesus, and we use all kinds of songs to sing worship to Jesus, listen to sermons on how we are saved by Jesus to serve Jesus, and encourage each other to look to Jesus for strength in our daily lives.

We aren't perfect people, but we follow One who is, and we are doing all we can to encourage everyone to find life in His grace.